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As dental experts practicing holistic dentistry, also known as biological dentistry, we believe that your oral health is improved when it is free from chemicals and metals that may adversely affect your body, which is why we offer metal-free zirconia implants in Bellevue.

Our zirconia implants are made of metal-free special ceramic (zirconium oxide, ZrO2) that provide significant health and aesthetic advantages over metal implants:

* Holistically metal-free dentistry - hypoallergenic
* Shorter surgery – use of a single piece rather than multiple pieces
* Aesthetically beautiful white color vs. metal appearance of titanium
* Zirconia implants retain less plaque and calculus for healthier gums

Zirconia implants also share the following important properties with traditional titanium implants:

* Biocompatibility
* Strong flexural strength
* Osseointegrative – strong integration with the jaw bone

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A zirconia tooth implant in Bellevue is the holistic dental solution for metal-free dentistry and beautiful white color for aesthetics!

Our holistic single zirconia tooth implant is a one-piece anchor that:

* Provides permanent support for a crown
* Is the most natural reconstruction following tooth loss
* Is the preferred procedure for preserving adjacent teeth from damage

Many of our zirconia tooth implant procedures are replacement of a tooth following removal of an infected root canal, or zirconia dental implants for teeth that are diseased or removed as a result of trauma.

The procedure for replacement of a single zirconia tooth implant can require as little as 30 minutes, while several hours may be required for surgeries involving multiple zirconia dental implants.

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zirconium dental items


Our holistic procedures for permanent zirconia dental implants in Bellevue are highly effective for those who have a strong bone structure and are free of serious health problems that might interfere with the healing process.

There are many reasons to choose zirconia dental implants or a single zirconia tooth implant as a lifelong solution to tooth loss, including:

* They stop bone loss
* Simple to maintain
* Comfort and durability – well secured & integrated with bone & gums
* Beautiful natural aesthetics - blend in naturally with surrounding teeth
* Hypoallergenic – metal-free with no immunological rejection
* Permanent
* Low plaque affinity, hard deposits or bacteria adhesion
* Extremely biofriendly to the body

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