Patients Reviews

Dr Nguyen and his assistant were very helpful with my questions, and were quick to react when I encountered an issue in the chair (not their issue, my issue). Highly recommended.

Victor H. | Sep 16, 2023
The doctor patiently listened to my concerns and explained the issues in depth and possible solutions.

Divyesh G. | Jan 03, 2023
I have been treating with Dr. Nguyen for over a year due to two failed dental implants that needed to be repaired. Dr. Nguyen provided me excellent preliminary care, sent me to a specialist who implanted bone and put me into a position for two new implants, and returned me to Dr. Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen is kind, knowledgeable, and very interested in his patients. I am very glad I found him and trust his care and recommendations.

James H. | Nov 22, 2022
Dr. Nguyen is very personable and very quick to respond to any issues I have with my teeth. I definitely recommend him to anyone who has bad teeth like me. He is very good at finding solutions that other dentists don't.

Stephanie S. | Oct 14, 2022