5 Reasons to Choose Veneers to Boost Your Smile

Jun 20, 2024
5 Reasons to Choose Veneers to Boost Your Smile
Many Americans say that improving their smile is the first cosmetic change they’d like to make for themselves. If you feel less-than-happy or embarrassed by your smile, veneers could be just the boost you’re looking for.

About 30% of Americans dislike the appearance of their teeth and it often keeps them from smiling. Do you instinctively cover your mouth when you laugh, smile without parting your lips, or avoid photos because you’re embarrassed to smile?

At Whole Body Dental, we believe you shouldn't have to hide your smile. Our experienced team of specialists offers cosmetic dentistry solutions that can transform your teeth and give you a whole new smile here in our Bellevue, Washington, office. 

Of all the cosmetic dentistry options, veneers are the ones that can make the biggest impact because they can change your smile in so many ways. For our June blog, we discuss five reasons to choose veneers to boost your smile this summer. 

Veneers conceal nearly any imperfection

Veneers can hide virtually any imperfection. Because veneers completely cover the visible part of your teeth, they can be anything you want them to be. We can create your veneer size, color, and shape just for your goals. Problems veneers can conceal include:

  • Spaces between front teeth
  • Minor tooth asymmetry, such as slightly crooked central incisors
  • Deep tooth discoloration caused by tooth damage or medication
  • Small teeth 
  • Overly pointy teeth 

Veneers are great for general smile makeovers, too. Even if you don’t have a specific concern about your teeth, you might want to have a more perfect smile that flatters your face better.

Veneers feel comfortable 

Veneers are unique to your mouth. We use mouth impressions to create a blueprint for your veneers. Our experienced dental care team designs veneers that fit your teeth perfectly and are flush with the teeth nearby. 

Having a custom fit means that your veneers feel like your other teeth. They won’t feel bulky or stick out. You won’t even realize they’re there, except when you see your stunning smile in the mirror or in photos.

Veneers look natural 

We create your veneers using porcelain or composite resin and have a nearly endless variety of white shades to choose from. 

We select the color that’s an exact match for your natural tooth enamel color.  People will notice that your smile is beautiful, but they won’t realize you’re wearing veneers. 

Veneers last many years

Veneers aren’t permanent, but they’re a long-term smile-perfecting treatment. To place veneers, we remove a thin layer of enamel and permanently attach the veneers to the front of your teeth using premium-grade dental adhesive. They won’t budge when you chew and eat.

With good dental care, you can typically expect your new veneers to last about 10-15 years

We recommend teeth cleaning and dental checkups every six months. Avoid the things that could harm natural teeth, like chewing on ice cubes (a big no-no!) with your veneers.

And, avoid foods that stain teeth (like coffee and red wine), as they can also stain your veneers. 

Veneers give you a new smile quickly 

Veneers are one of the fastest dental procedures. Because veneers don’t require extensive prep or surgery, you can usually have your new smile in just two office visits.

Veneers can help you feel ready to show your smile to the world. If you want to learn more about the process, our Whole Body Dental team is happy to talk about veneers with you. 

Phone our office at 425-842-0435 or reach out online to book your veneer consultation today.